Employee Stories

1. Please tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Singapore. After serving my National Service duty, I started my career in Business Admin & Accounting until the year 2009 when I decided to try out my career in the security industry.

2. How has your been journey in security industry so far?

I started working as Security Officer with AMC Security. After working with them for a year, the Ops Manager saw my potential and advised me to further advance my career as Security Supervisor. Besides, my NS stint as Military Policeman and my admin skills helped me to further advance and perform well in my current role as Security Supervisor at Peregrine.

3. How do you make a difference at Peregrine Security Pte?

Since I took over the assignment, I made some improvements on the daily running of the site. I am responsible for deployment of security officers, maintaining daily reports, and ensuring a conducive work environment, etc. I also work closely with the site management and study on the exact requirement expected and try to produce results par excellence. My focus remains to gain and keep the client’s trust in the security team intact. Working hand in hand with The Operation Executive and Manager in the daily operations of the site helps improve the site management.

4. How are you creating a great customer experience?

Produce good results by delivering high quality performance. Encourage officers to work beyond our capacity as Security Officers. Gain respect from others. Work harmoniously with everyone. With officers – Teamwork, Motivation, Commitment and Trust is high priority. Also build rapport with customers and contractors too.

5. What do you like the most about your role?

As what I like most about my role as a Security Supervisor is the ability to improve the image of Security officers in the eyes of others. We are no more “guards” as perceived by others. We are the frontline responders, brand ambassadors, and the facilitators at business premises that support its smooth and safe functioning.

6. What keeps you motivated in life?

Seeing my peers gradually grow from mere Officers to Supervisors and later lead their team of officers. Having to hear people commenting on how well I groomed them is a bonus.

7. What are your hobbies?

Working in Security industry rarely have time for hobbies as we shoulder a lot of critical responsibilities. Keeping people safe and secure is probably the only hobby I pursue full time. But I like watching movies and recreational activities like swimming, cycling, etc with son and wife.

8. What will be your advice to your younger self?

My advice to my younger self – Do the best to lead the team well. Create good team spirit with peers. Gain trusts and lead by example. Earn Respect from others.

Do the best to lead the team well. Create good team spirit with peers. Gain trusts and lead by example. Earn Respect from others.

Rosly Bin Abdul Rahman

Security Supervisor