Security Manpower Services

As the risks of theft, robbery, break-ins and intrusions continue to increase in the wake of the pandemic, it is imperative for your business and premises to be prepared against any security-related incident. At Peregrine, our security officers are well-trained in patrolling the premises, responding to incidents, access control, escorting, human and vehicular traffic management, enforcement, detection of security and safety breaches, recognising terrorist threats. For further requirements of bag checks, checks using hand-held detectors, protection of Protected Places, and the officers have the required competency in the relevant specialised WSQ courses. They are also the brand ambassadors of our client’s premises as they are equally skilled at handling customer service and managing visitors.

Control Entries and Exits At Your Place Of Business

Control Entries and Exits At Your Place Of Business

Transforming Manned Guarding Protection into Reliable Security Control

All our security manpower services are empowered with productivity tools and resources which allows digital tracking of attending, patrolling/clocking as well as incident management.

Quick Response Team For Effective Emergency Management
Trained Security Personnel For Enabling Safer Workplaces
Technology For Maximising Operational Efficiency
Routine Site Visits For Quality Checks