Tech-Enabled Security

At Peregrine, our mission is to enable security leaders to attain their security objectives, improve surveillance capabilities, and achieve a better return on investment (ROI), whether that’s referring to the protection of the premises, processes, or people. In this endeavour, we are focused on assisting our clients to make a shift from “reactive threat management” and “intuition-led decision-making” to “proactive threat response” and “data-driven decision making” aimed at streamlining security operations and strengthening the infrastructure with a refined security approach. Our advanced security technology systems, ranging from CCTVs to security concierge robots, increase the productivity of security personnel for securing varied facility types and sizes. The hi-tech security equipment is designed to easily fit into existing physical security infrastructure, policies, and procedures for effective implementation.

Automate Your Physical Security Infrastructure

Automate Your Physical Security Infrastructure

Increase efficiency of security operations with greater intelligence

Garner precise data and insights about the potential security vulnerabilities specific to your place of business and design a well-informed security strategy for the round-the-clock protection of your facility.

Quick Response Team For Effective Emergency Management
Trained Security Personnel For Enabling Safer Workplaces
Technology For Maximising Operational Efficiency
Routine Site Visits For Quality Checks