Video Surveillance-As-A-Service

We help you protect your commercial or industrial facility from theft, vandalism, break-ins, and other security-related accidents with our smart video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions. We enable you to make informed security decisions for your critical assets as we equip you with real-time data and insights about your facility using intelligent video analytics, threat analysis, and risk assessment. Assessment happens through remote video guard tours and virtual patrolling from our integrated command and control centre. The entire premises of your facility remains under 24×7 vigilance of our security officers. Dynamic Incident Reporting and the efficient two-way communication capability equips our security officers against the intruders and alert security personnel, local healthcare services provider, fire stations, or local enforcement authorities in case of any incident. Peregrine’s video surveillance-as-a-service assures you that everything at your premises/facility is under control.

Live Video Monitoring For Enhanced Security Outcomes

Live Video Monitoring For Enhanced Security Outcomes

Emerging Threats Require Advanced Deterrent Controls

Monitoring both the interior and exterior physical environment of your facilities, Peregrine PTE helps you set up strong security policies, procedures, and infrastructure to deter threats and address risks.

Quick Response Team For Effective Emergency Management
Trained Security Personnel For Enabling Safer Workplaces
Technology For Maximising Operational Efficiency
Routine Site Visits For Quality Checks